patterns of recognition

Patterns of recognition?

The layering of the paint-the material itself; the line, the shape-is somehow meant to impart a sense of history. This history is meant to establish itself and link itself to all the images we see around us everyday. So there comes a point when the combination os these images-fragments and inspirations-can lead us to a new meaning, doesn’t it?

Perhaps it doesn’t. Regardless I’m at a loss as to where else one goes to find meaning. It’s just pattern and color and such, an exercise in pure painting. The process seems as such, but underneath something else lies. It has to. Otherwise… well, I don’t know what else happens otherwise.

Maybe sometimes it just looks fucking good.


Hung my new exhibition at Roane State Community College’s O’Brien Gallery. It looks pretty good. I took some photos with the ole iPhone but I hope to head up next week and get some nice photos.

I left my tools at the studio and had to stop at Walmart to get a cheapo level and tape measure. Then I forgot the tape and had to back. So it became a four hour endeavor! 

But it’s up!

New blog site

So I’ve had to move the blog to this WordPress platform. I wasn’t able to post from my phone any longer with tumblr app. Maybe it’s my iPhone 4s or the inter web gremlins playing tricks but nonetheless it was getting really annoying. So if you want to see the prior posts go here to the fieldhat tumblr page.